BriVanna Ambassador


At BriVanna Boutique, our goal is to create relationships with our customers and influencers. We take a lot of time in picking out the right mix of styles for all clients. Our Goal is for everyone to feel good about themselves not only on the outside, but the inside as well and to be able to wear our styles with a smile.

If you are interested in providing the same goal for your followers, and would like to earn commission, receive your own personal discount while having fun and inspiring people along the way. Then our program will be perfect for you. We are so excited to be starting our Brand Ambassador Program with you all!  As we continue to grow, of course, along with your support and motivation for our products, then all our affiliates will grow as well.


25% OFF Every Purchase you make and use it as many times as you like. 

Earn 15% Commission

Be the first to know about our upcoming Sales and New Arrivals

Promotions and Giveaways

Possibilities of being featured on our social media.

After making a purchase you will have access to our telegram group where you have the opportunity to grow your following and connect with an amazing group of ladies in our BVB community. 

#brivannaambassador Become a part of our team and we hope you, Wear it With a Smile!

Our Requirements and How you can Support BVB:

Purchase our products with your 25% off code. Then feature those products on your social media with videos and or pictures of packaging, products and share them along with your customer code. 

Share, Share, Share your customer codes multiple times a week with your family, friends and followers to earn 15% commission!! More you share the more opportunities you have to earn a commission. (You can either share your own videos or pictures you've taken or feel free to copy and share any of our posts or marketing materials that might help).

Make your first purchase to become a member of our Telegram group. 

Like and/or comment on BVB Instagram and Facebook!

Review our products on our boutique website (under the products you purchased) Facebook page and Google. This will create a safe space for others to want to shop while using your code. (If you ever feel like there is an issue with the product or something else you need to address, please private message us first and we will be more than happy to resolve your concerns). 

If you have Facebook, join our FB group The VIP Hearts of BVB

We want to see all of you succeed, however, to do that you need to be ACTIVE. As much as we don't like doing this if we notice no activity or promotions of BriVanna Boutique your codes will be deactivated. (We understand you might not be able to buy something all the time, however you can share promotions, pictures from our website or posts from our social media to promote your code and our brand).

Thank you for supporting our small business and our dream. Referrals are what keep a business thriving along with great people and customer service. We have been loving every moment along with hearing all the feedback, it is inspirational for us all. We are not only a business, but we are a family as well. We treat our team with respect and care, we only ask the same in return. Our "double hearts" are our bond that connect us. 

Mother and Daughter Team

Valerie and Brianna

Wear it with a smile ;)